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1. What is CyberBass?


CyberBass is a MIDI tutorial that will help you learn your part. 


CyberBass is a collection of choral scores converted to MIDI format for play back on your computer.


CyberBass is digitally precise in pitch and rhythm.


CyberBass is a one-man project that accomplishes goals through individual efforts and contributions from singers worldwide.


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2. What CyberBass isn't ...


CyberBass is not beautiful or artistic. It does not playback dynamics or vocal nuances. It is a note bashing site.


CyberBass generally does not play back orchestral accompaniment. Although you will find some pieces with accompaniment sequenced lightly in the background.


CyberBass does not playback solo/quartet parts.  Individuals blessed with such talent are typically excellent sight readers.


CyberBass is not perfect.  These scores have been painstakingly sequenced in MIDI format, but humans are not 100% accurate and neither is CyberBass.   


CyberBass is not  a mega internet enterprise such as EBAY, Yahoo, or Google.    It is not a million dollar enterprise, but rather earns enough to pay for itself.

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3. How to Use CyberBass ...


Please note that the explanation below applies to Windows XP.  Unfortunately, later versions of Windows to not give you the capability to shift the balance on the mixer. You must access balance functions on the software that controls your sound card.


Click on ensemble and all parts will playback.  Female parts playback on the right speaker while male parts play back on the left speaker.  A metronome marks time on both speakers.

Click on a specific part and it will play back on the right speaker. Other parts will play back lightly on the left speaker.  Again the metronome beats away incessantly on both speakers.


For more advanced use ... double click on the speaker icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  A mixer board will appear on your desk top.  Shift the balance of the MIDI (or synthesizer) control to the left and right ...



If you have selected your part, when the balance is shifted right, you will hear only your part.  Shift the balance to the left and your part will fade as all others will move to the foreground.  As usually, the metronome beats away ... time waits for no singer.


If you have selected ensemble ... shifting the balance to the left will play back male parts only.  Shifting right plays back female parts.  The ever beating metronome simply will not go away.


CyberBass works best with headphones and your music in front of you. Have Fun.


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4. Why I do It ... and how You can Help?


I created CyberBass as an aid to rapidly learn and perfect music, freeing the conductor for more artistic endeavors.  The advent of INTERNET provided a great medium for posting MIDI files so that others in the chorus could use this tool.

CyberBass is not 100% and requires your feed back if you find errors.  Please submit problems with the score or the site to CyberBass.

If you like the site or found it helpful, please sign the CyberBass guest book.


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Please note that the explanation below applies to Windows XP.  Unfortunately, later versions of Windows to not give you the capability to shift the balance on the mixer. You must access balance functions on the software that controls your sound card.


Generally sound problems occur when you have muted out the midi on your computer settings.  To "unmute", double-click on the small speaker Icon in the lower right hand corner of your computer .  A mixing board will appear.  Make sure that no mute boxes are checked.  Also insure that all sliding volume bars are set above the minimum and that all sliding balance bars are set in the middle.

Note:  If you slide the balance to the right, you will get your part only.  If you slide the balance bar to the left you will get music-minus-one (your part missing).


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6.  How can I list my Choir and/or my Upcoming Concert?


The CyberBass Project maintains a listing a choirs on the Choirs Worldwide page.  These represent groups that have used CyberBass in the past.  Any choir that wishes to be listed may make a request via email to the CyberBass.  Please include your choirs home city, state, and country, and a website URL (if it has one).


The CyberBass Project also maintains a list of upcoming concerts for choirs that are using CyberBass learning files to prepare for a future concerts.  Again an email request suffices to be listed, however, only choirs that are using CyberBass files that are currently online will be included on the list.  This restriction is in place because it would otherwise be impossible to maintain a dynamic concert listing.


Choirs and/or individuals from choirs are also acknowledged  on CyberBass learning pages if they have made a contribution (i.e. a score and/or midi tracks) that have made those learning files possible.  These listings are included only if the choir and/or individual wishes to be included on the learning page. 


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7.  Does Everyone Have a Positive CyberBass Experience?

Apparently not ....  I hope your experience is better.


What a deep and utter disappointment when I went to your web site to listen for parts from Bachs " The Passion According To St. John" needed for an upcoming concert for our choir and what do I get? Bupcus. In other words....nothing. No Sound what so ever!!


I tried several other pieces and movements thinking it might be just that particular piece. Nope. Nothing anywhere! Since I have Windows XP and the latest version of Windows Media Player I checked all my settings, consulted your FAQ section, including "Why don't I hear Sound" and still ziltch.


Too bad. I had heard so many good recommendations for this site and what disappointment to discover on my first visit that it is all over hyped. Oh well! C'est La Vie!


Good luck with your site. Regrettably I don't imagine I will be visiting it anytime soon.


Nonetheless, it was a legitimate complaint that I have not quite figured out.  Unfortunately I am not an "IT guy" and it is very difficult to troubleshoot someone's computer from a distance. Here is one user's suggestion.


Maybe the people who cannot get the sound are using Internet Explorer  7.0?


On my wife's and daughter's laptops using Internet Explorer 6.0 the Midi files are directed to Windows Media Player, and work.


On my desktop, using Interest Explorer 6.0, the sound tracks also come up in Windows Media Player, and work.


On my desktop using the Mozilla Firefox browser the voice parts come up in a single sound bar within the Firefox browser, and work.


I was having trouble with Internet Explorer 7.0 browser getting the sound, and have now deleted that browser, as it was interfering with other software.


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8.  What do I do if MS Internet Explorer Refuses to Play Nice? 

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, MS Internet Explorer refuses to play nice.  Often time you will get a blank screen and then nothing.  I don't know what is going on, but I find that if I access the Internet through Mozilla Firefox, the problem goes away.  Firefox is an alternate Internet access program that dares challenge Microsoft.  You can download it for free by clicking on the image below:



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Why does My CD Fail to Play? 


I have successfully produced hundreds of learning CDs, but occasionally a CyberBass customer will be unsuccessful in getting a CD to play properly. Here are some reasons that a CD might no play.


(1) The CDs are recorded in a format called CDR.  This format is compatible to most  CD players manufactured after about 2000.  Prior to that time it the format had not yet gained enough prominence to have compatibility packages built into the players.

(2) I use CD labels to title my CD rather than printing directly onto the CD.   Some CD players might be sensitive to this, though this is usually not the case.

(3) Errors may have been introduced in the burning process.  I burn each CD upon receiving an order so that the latest changes or corrections are incorporated into each CD.

(4)  The CDs may have been damaged in shipment.  This usually does not happen.  Do you notice any cracks, or smudges on the playing surface.

If you can not get the new CD to work, return it to CyberBass, and I will issue a full refund. 


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10.  How do I make the Embedded Midi Player Work?


I have tested the learning pages on numerous machines and operating systems.  Unfortunately I do not have all of the answers.  If I do not address the issue here, please get help from a computer savvy friend. I would love to hear how you solved your problem so that I can include it here as a possible solution. If the website is still not functioning , please email The CyberBass.  In your email, please include the following information:

  • Your operating system (i.e. MAC or PC)?

  • If PC are you running Windows XP or Windows Vista (or some other version of windows)?

  • What internet browser are you using (i.e. Internet Explorer 7, IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)?

  • In the space above the Movement/Vocal Part line, what exactly are you seeing?

  • Are you getting any error messages?


The CyberBass Project is incorporating embedded MIDI players in its learning pages.   As the bugs are worked out,  this convention for other pages.  MAC users will see a QuickTime playback bar.  Windows users should see the player below appear.

The controls are fairly simple.  There is a play and pause button and a slider bar that lets you rewind and fast forward the track. Click on Player Controls for an explanation of the Speed and Balance entries.


If you are using Firefox, Opera, Chrome, or Safari  you will need an MS Media Player plugin to use these files.  Click on one of the links below to download this plugin:


Download Plugin for Firefox


Download Plugin for Opera, Chrome, and Safari  (Same as Firefox)


If the player still does not work, follow the directions above and ensure that your active scripting setting is enabled.


Another possible fix for Chrome provided by a fellow CyberBass user:

I have reported before that when I use Google Chrome I cannot open your music player, but now I found out if used the tool option and switch to “new incognito window” I can use your music player. I think that this will help you in your future trouble shooting.

Here is another issue:  The VLC video player will prevent CyberBass from functioning.  There are two possible solutions:  (1) Deactivate VLC, or (2) use Internet Explorer.


If you are using Internet Explorer you might be having one of two possible issues:

1. If the above image does not appear, you may have to enable the active scripting setting in your browser options.  To to so, click on Tools in the top menu bar.  On the drop down menu click Internet Options.  On the Internet Options window, click on the Security tab, and click the Custom Level button. Scroll down to Active Scripting and ensure that Enable is selected. This procedure may vary slightly on other browsers.



2.  If everything appears to be right (i.e. the image player image does appear, but no sound), try the following:

a. Go to Control Panel

b. Select Sounds and Audio Devices.

c. Under the Audio tab there is a section MIDI music playback, with a Default device dropdown box.

d. Select Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth from the list and now it works!



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11. Why am I Getting a Blank Page?


Getting a blank page?  Here is a suggested fix by one CyberBass user

Open Internet Explorer>Tools>Options>Security>Trusted Sites. Copy and Paste into the Site. Will probably need to un-check the box there that says something about Requires Secure website. since your site is not secure (https://).

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12.  Can CyberBass Files be Downloaded?


CyberBass is a free online resource.  The files themselves can not be downloaded to your computer. 


Audio CDs are available for most CyberBass presentations of the major works for a nominal price.  Price includes tax and shipping.


Many websites will allow you to download MIDI files.  For a list of some of these please see:


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13.  Problems Running CyberBass Files when Using Internet Explorer and Vista?


If you are running Vista with Internet Explorer 8, but can't get the embedded midi player to work, here is a work around ...


I have not been able to figure out the Vista/IE8 problem, because CyberBass runs on every Vista machine that I test.  Until I can nail this down I have been advising Vista users to run CyberBass in a web browser call Fire Fox.  You can download Fire Fox at:


After you have loaded Firefox, than download the media player plugin at:


Then enter CyberBass via Fire Fox.


I know this is not optimal, but this is the best that I can do for now.


14.  Why does Itunes Retrieves the Wrong Track Names when I Insert my Choral Learning CD?


This has been a issue that many have recently experienced.  Unfortunately, Itunes does not retrieve track names from the CDs themselves, but rather from a database at that is locacted at .  Though I upload track names to the database, Gracenote does not recognized the difference between my soprano, alto, tenor, and bass CDs.  Consequently it retrieves track names for the first choral part that it encounters for that particular CD.  Apple offers some tips on how to manually correct the track names at:


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Disclaimer: My GuestBook is provided by  .   Advertising banners and popups will appear when you visit it.  These ads are not affiliated with CyberBass. If you would like to prevent pop-ups you may obtain a free version Pop-Up Stopper at


CyberBass is a free service.  The use of these MIDI tracks does not violate copyright laws.  This tracks used on CyberBass are meant to be used with a musical score in hand.  CyberBass tracks are in no way meant to replace these scores or live recordings of the works they represent.  Scores and recordings are available for purchase through numerous links throughout the website. 
Creation Date:  November 15, 2000

2,500,000th Hit: January 17,  2010

1,000,000th Hit: January 4,  2008

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